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Part Selection

We offer over 100 different parts for washers and dryers of many brands.

Click on the button below to view our full PDF Parts List with detailed models and parts information.

Below are some of our most popular parts.

ADC Roller GLP Mail chimp.png

Black Support Roller for ADC

Replaces: ADC P/N 180050, SL20/31 2"

Door lock GLP Mail chimp.png

Electrolux Door Locks

Replaces part numbers: 438956101 and 956101

ALS Door handles GLP Mail chimp.png

Door Handles, Alliance

Available in: Chrome, Black, T- shape and Grey.
Ipso, Cissell, Speen Queen, Huebsch, Unimac.

Door knob and shaft kit GLP Mail chimp.png

Gray Door Knob and Shaft Kit

Replaces Electrolux: 472992002
Replaces Electrolux: 472992001

ALS Bearing kit GLP Mail chimp.png

Alliance/IPSO Bearing Kit

40mm/ 58mm Axial Seal with Counter Ring
Axial Seal Replaces Alliance part numbers: 217/00003/00, 9001461, 219/00003/00, 9001482
Incl. Counter Ring Replaces Alliance part numbers: 217/00004/00, 9001462, 219/00004/00, 9001483

ELS Bearing kit GLP Mail chimp.png

Electrolux-ELS Bearing Kit

991313/ 991314
Replaces ELS 472991314, Wascomat 991314 W3180 W4180 W5180,E640,WED 745,WLD 745

Oraange Roller GLP Mail chimp.png

Orange Roller incl. Seal

Replaces Alliance part numbers: 70568201, 70298701, 70298701P, 70052601, 70052601P, TU20226, TU21862. 
And includes roller seal 70443601.

Door lock v2 GLP Mail chimp.png

Door Lock Version 2

New Door Lock Assemblies version for IPSO washers. Replaces B12517701. Including connection adapters. Fits new and old IPSO door handles. 

Hearing element GLP Mail chimp.png

Dryer Heating Elements

For Speed Queen and other brands.

4800w - Single Phase. Replaces D510326P.
4500w - Three Phase. Replaces D511014P.

Hearing element  GLP Mail chimp.png

Heating Elements for Washers 

Fits most commercial washing machines. Electrolux, Alliance, Miele...

Motor and gear kit GLP Mail chimp.png

Motor and Gear Box with Seal Kit

220-240V / 50-60Hz

110-120 / 60Hz

Repair kit for 3 inch Valves
Includes Santroprene Seal Kit with silicone grease
Replacement Part for Depend-O-Drain Valves

Motor and gear GLP Mail chimp.png

Motor and Gear Box

220-240V / 50-60Hz

110-120 / 60Hz

Repair kit for 2 inch Valves
Replacement part for Depend-O-Drain Valves

Drain Valve 2 and 3 inch GLP Mail chimp.png

Drain Valves 2" and 3", Depend-o-Drain

With and without overflow. Fits most commercial washing machines. 

shock absorber GLP Mail chimp.png

Shock Absorbers for IPSO & Electrolux

10mm for IPSO washers, 8mm for Electrolux

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